Best Free 10 Responsive WordPress Themes for Artisans, Designers, Collectors, Photographers, Creators, Musicians, and Makers 2018

When comes to art, most people have something to say. But what’s the good art and how to make art flourish? That’s the essential question that artists need to think about seriously. However, in this era of open and modern, artists can get more chances to help their artworks to benefit more people. Benefiting from the technology, especially the internet which helps artists get a decent and professional presence without pandering to the wealthy patrons, artists can get the direct links from the creator to the client. Therefore, sites like WordPress, especially the best free WordPress themes for artists can benefit them in a wide range of aspects.

Based on the best WordPress themes, artists can get the best exposure possible with the minimum costs and efforts. Normally, as long as the artworks are great, they will get noticed eventually. But sites based on the WordPress themes which are carefully crated for artists can gain the recognition in the soonest time. It’s well-known that the best themes usually come with completely responsive layouts, well-organized structures, engrossing features and premium plugins. In other words, they help to showcase the artworks creatively and impressively. Of course, the themes in this article are both free and paid kinds that are designed with user-oriented and content-focused concepts for different purposes. Let’s take them for a spin!

Best Responsive & Free WordPress Themes for Artists

Best WordPress Themes for Artists – RedArt

best wordpress themes for artists redart

RedArt is a versatile, creative, bold, and responsive WordPress theme for any kind of portfolio, photography, creative or personal sites. Most noteworthy, this theme offers 6 predefined demos and comes along with 8 awesome header variations in the background of light and dark tone. No wonder it becomes one of the most popular themes among users. So, whoever you are, from artisans, designers, collectors, photographers, creators, to makers, you can find one of your dream template in RedArt.

As one of the best one page WordPress themes, RedArt offers tons of fascinating options and awesome features that help to bring sparkles to your sites. There are multiple blog layouts, uniquely single page styles, effective timeline display, virtually stunning sliders, parallax backgrounds, and more in RedArt for your conference. What’s more, RedArt is fully compatible with lots of premium plugins in the market. Hence, you can build all sort of elements by just dragging and dropping the elements around the editing pages. Beyond that, this theme contains rich shortcodes and widgets for you to build all kind of delicate and charming details. Overall, RedArt is an ideal solution for artists with no coding skill required. Try it today to build unique sites.

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Key Features:

  • Fully Responsive & Retina Ready
  • 6 New Predefined Demos
  • Dark & Light Backgrounds
  • 8 Awesome Header Variations
  • Perfect Woocommerce Integration
  • Tons of Shortcodes & Widgets
  • Plenty of Premium WP Plugins Included

Free WordPress Themes Artists – INK TATTOO STUDIO

artists wordpress theme ink tattoo studio

INK TATTOO STUDIO is a creative and impressive WordPress theme for tattoo and piercing studios. Of course, it’s also a great fit for any other portfolio or creative sites due to its versatile and flexible design. Built with HTML5 and Bootstrap3, it allows you to bring all the creating potential to the full on your uniquely creative sites.

Aiming to be a user-friendly and content-focused theme, INK TATTOO STUDIO allows the most customization in the simplest way. Therefore, you can rebuild or customize every part of the pages to meet your expectations. Moreover, there are lots of editable parallax sections and custom post types to help you showcase your works better. Along with that, it offers a filterable isotope gallery so as to help visitors to put the emphasis on your gallery.

Likewise, it’s a fully responsive theme with retina ready design. Apart from that, it contains 6 color styles with additional page templates, eye-catchy blog pages, awesome shortcodes, and widgets. So, it lets you transform it from single pages into multi-pages by using additional templates and the second menu for pages. On the whole, your sites will arouse the desires of getting tattooing effectively.

More details and WordPress themes free download question, you can visit INK TATTOO STUDIO.

Key Features:

  • Fully Responsive & Retina Ready
  • Built with Bootstrap3 CSS Framework
  • Editable Parallax Sections
  • Custom Post Types
  • Tons of Unique Shortcodes/Widgets
  • Filterable Isotope Gallery
  • TGM Plugin Activation
  • 6 Color Styles

Art Portfolio Theme – Arte

art portfolio theme arte

Arte is a premium WordPress theme for art galleries exclusively. In fact, it can be used for a wide range of art galleries such as painting, photography, drawing, visual art, sculpture, costumes, furniture, decorative art, print and even performance art. Most noteworthy, it offers a plentiful of awesome features and advanced functions for you to build any kind of delicate and impressive sites for the exhibition, exposition, museum gallery, or any other artistic display businesses.

Arte comes with lots of large sliders and images along with the trendy carousels art exhibits and generous footers. Moreover, this theme is designed with visually stunning sections such as collection grid, events schedule, timeline, journal and more. Furthermore, it offers a class management system. Along with that, it’s supplied with SEO friendly codes and social functions ready features. Last but not least, Arte is a page speed optimized theme packing with premium plugins and needn’t to touch a line of code. In conclusion, your art gallery sites will be the next big thing based on Arte.

More details and WordPress themes free download question, you can visit Arte.

Key Features:

  • Fully Responsive & Retina Ready
  • Easy Customization & Simple Installation
  • Special Features & Functions included
  • Class Mangement System
  • SEO Friendly Code
  • Social Functions Ready
  • Page Speed Optimized
  • Lots of Premium WP Plugins Included

WordPress Theme Art Gallery for eCommerce- Artistas

wordpress theme art gallery for ecommerce artistas

Artistas is a flat, neat, fresh, modern, and creative WordPress theme with the easy-to-use and fully responsive layout. And it’s exclusively crafted for all sort of artists, photography, creative agencies, and business websites. Based on the robust back-end Redux framework and powerful page builder, Artistas allows you to build all kind of stunning sites without any coking skill required.

Artistas offers massive features and functions that you shouldn’t miss out. It’s built with 6 unique post formats, multiple jQuery sliders, awesome video and parallax options. Beyond that, it offers a Master Posts plugin with lots of logos and favicons to be uploaded. Moreover, you can make the best use of its unlimited layouts and infinite scrolling features to offer a user-friendly experience. As one of the best minimalist WordPress themes, Artistas is a feature-rich and content-oriented theme allowing the easy customization. In brief, Artistas offers anything you need for stunning sites really.

More details and WordPress themes free download question, you can visit Artistas.

Key Features:

  • Fully Responsive & Retina Ready
  • Unlimited Layouts & Infinite Scrolling
  • Master Posts Plugin Ready
  • Multiple jQuery Sliders
  • Logo/Favicon Upload
  • Video/Parallax Options
  • 6 Unique Posts Formats
  • Plenty of Premium WP Plugins Included

Website Template for Artists – Crafts & Arts

website template for artists crafts & arts

Crafts & Arts is a neat, flat, intuitive, and modern WordPress theme that helps showcase your masterpieces in an engrossing way. This theme offers 3 mesmerizing and unique homepages namely the artist’s demo, full-width craft demo, and the elegant crafts demo. By combining the traditional handicrafts with improved designs, Crafts & Arts helps revive your works in a creative and dynamic way.

What’s more, there are over 150 shortcodes in Crafts & Arts. In addition, it’s designed with 19 hover styles and rich hover colors let alone its 7 uniquely impressive listing styles. Along with that, this theme contains massive unique inner page layouts with clean typography. Furthermore, it’s fully compatible with dozens of premium plugins in the market. As a result, building visually stunning sites would be a thing with Crafts & Arts. To conclude, to retain the attention of visitors with Crafts & Arts at once.

More details and WordPress themes free download question, you can visit Crafts & Arts.

Key Features:

  • 100% Responsive & Retina Ready
  • 3 Unique Homepages with New Elements
  • 150+ Shortcode Elements
  • Rich Unique Inner Page Layouts
  • 19 Hover Styles/Colors
  • 7 Unique Listing styles
  • Dozens of Premium WP Plugins Compatible

WordPress Music Artists Themes – Clubix

wordpress music artist themes clubix

Clubix is a visually stunning WordPress theme that comes with a fully responsive layout. And this theme is carefully crafted for music-related sites such as nightlife events, gigs, bands and even magazines. Designed with solid features and options, Clubix will help your fans and followers be fully satisfied with the minimum efforts. Nevertheless, your sites will come on the top and get a decent and professional presence effectively based on Clubix.

This theme comes with light and dark version. Developed on the Bootstrap 3.0, it lets you build all sort of sections and elements as long as you can think of. Most noteworthy, this theme combines anything you need to build a professional and creative music sites getting rid of superfluous. Thought it’s a versatile and resourceful theme, it’s very easy to customize and install yet loads with the most customization.

Beyond that, Clubix seamlessly supports all sort of premium plugins. Moreover, it allows you to upload videos and audios to better showcase your latest performances. Likewise, Clubix is a fully responsive theme with intuitive and dynamic elements. Hence, your fans will enjoy a smooth browsing experience without sacrificing its whole performance. In all, to create something beyond ordinary with Clubix.

More details and WordPress themes free download question, you can visit Clubix.

Key Features:

  • Fully Responsive & Retina Ready
  • Light & Dark Demo Versions
  • Based on Bootstrap 3.0
  • Video Gallery
  • Artist Post Type
  • Recurring Events
  • Radio Online Player
  • Players Itunes, Beatport, Youtube icons
  • Lots of Premium WP Plugins Included

Fullscreen WordPress Theme – CONTRAST

fullscreen wordpress theme contrast

CONTRAST is a design-driven, user-oriented and content-focused photography & portfolio WordPress theme for artists, photographers, creatives, and agencies. Coming with a responsive full-screen layout, CONTRAST helps you get the most exposure possible to showcase your artworks amazingly.

Based on the latest CSS3 and JavaScript techniques, CONTRAST allows displaying all your photography, artwork and designs without any distraction. Equally important, it contains 7 easy-to-use gallery variations along with the horizontal & vertical homepage grid layouts. Hence, you can build impressive sites with skill and ease. Thanks to its premium plugins, they let you build all kind of stunning elements without touching any tiresome code. Beyond that, there are massive fantastic options and features in CONTRAST to your selection so as to build delicate and stylish sites with the minimum costs. Further, CONTRAST is an entirely responsive theme with retina ready feature. All in all, get a perfect presence with CONTRAST at once.

More details and WordPress themes free download question, you can visit CONTRAST.

Key Features:

  • Fully Responsive & Retina Ready
  • Based on the Latest CSS3 & JavaScript Techniques
  • 7 Easy-to-use Gallery Variations
  • Horizontal & Vertical Homepage Grid Layouts
  • Smooth Animations
  • Unlimited Colors Options
  • Highly Customization & Easy Installation
  • Plenty of Premium WP Plugins Compatible

Best WordPress Themes for Portfolios- Adios

best wordpress themes for portfolios adios

Adios is an aesthetically beautiful, technically flexible, and thoroughly creative WordPress theme for a wide range of niches. With a completely responsive and visually intuitive layout, Adios lets you literally build all sort of portfolio sites in the simplest way. Also, it’s a lightning fast theme with the SEO friendly and retina ready features.

Moreover, Adios contains 9 high-end homepages and delicate layouts to facilitate your creating. Beyond that, this theme offers a stack of awesome portfolio options to show off your creative style. What’s more, Adios boasts super high-resolution graphics and is designed with the Case Study. Further, it provides unlimited widget options along with 33 shortcodes. In all, Adios is a perfect theme for you to style a cohesive and captivating site.

More details and WordPress themes free download question, you can visit Adios.

Key Features:

  • Fully Responsive & Retina Ready
  • 9 High-end Homepage Demos
  • Lightning Fast & SEO Friendly
  • Stand Out with Case Study
  • Delicate & Unique Layouts
  • Unlimited Widget Options
  • 33 Shortcodes
  • HTML5 Video & Vimeo and Youtube Video Support
  • Lots of Premium WP Plugins Included

Thanks for visiting Vela WordPress themes. We hope this introduction of the best free WordPress themes for artists can be a reference for you to build your website or blog for artists. And we hope you continue to have access to our blog as well as provide support. Many thanks.