Top WordPress Podcast Themes for 2018

WordPress Podcast themes are the new thing at the current time. And podcast, as the portmanteau word of iPod and broadcast, is an episodic series of digital audio or video files which a user can download and listen to. Also, you can call it “netcast”. As you know, every noun has a huge number of categories, such as the restaurants, the books, the WordPress themes, and so on. Thus, the podcasts surely have some different variants: enhanced podcasts, podcast novels, video podcasts, oggcasts, political podcasts, and podguides.

With an enhanced podcast, you can display images synchronized with audio. And for you, making the professional audio is no longer a distant dream. Also, there are some investigations proved that the enhanced podcasts are really useful and convenient.

However, what’s your definition of podcast novel? I think there are a ton of people don’t know what’s this. In fact, the podcast novel is a literary format that combines the concepts of a podcast and an audiobook. That is to say, you can listen to the podcast novels directly on your computer or loaded onto a portable media device to be listened to later. That’s such an easy and interesting way of reading. You do not have to read ebooks with eyes fixed on the phone.

Thirdly, the video podcasts (vodcast) includes the video clips. Web television series are often distributed as video podcasts. Just as its name, video podcast can help you to develop the small business, especially in the sales and marketing sectors. With the video podcasts, your advertisements will be shown in a modern and cost-effective way.

And what is oggcast? Actually, the oggcast is a podcast recorded and distributed exclusively in the Vorbis audio codec with the Ogg container format, and/or other similarly free codecs/formats. At last, the political podcast focuses on current events, lasts usually a half hour to an hour, often with a relaxed and conversational tone, and features journalists and politicians and pollsters and writers and others with credentials in the public sphere. At last, the podguide is an enhanced audio tour podcast.

As you can see, the podcast is really a powerful and fancy thing. Therefore, you can imagine how wonderful the WordPress podcast themes are. Let’s take a look at these premium WordPress themes now!

Procaster – Awesome Podcaster WordPress Theme

“How to start a podcast?” a man who wants to start his audio business said. I think you are as confused as he is. Therefore, we will write down the notices and steps on the following article.

At first, you should choose the best podcaster WordPress theme to start, such as the Procaster. In this WordPress podcast theme, you will get everything that a professional podcaster need. For instance, a customizable podcast feed, social sharing, beautiful podcast player, and so on. With the customizable podcast feed, you can have complete control of your show’s settings. Your time is valuable; this awesome podcaster WordPress theme will save a large amount of time by a deal with every detail. Besides, there is a famous saying, having the mighty social sharing, and then you will get the whole world. Then, the conclusions can be well imagined, the social sharing feature plays an important character on the simple WordPress themes.

In this fashion WordPress theme, you can let your consumer share the best quotes from your guest or those wonderful nuggets from a show directly on Twitter. The quick shortcodes allow you to place Tweetable quotes anywhere in your show notes. Furthermore, the power of the massive is mighty, and this wonderful social feature will make your site more popular than before. Also, for a great WordPress podcaster, the player is the most necessary WordPress podcast plugin. The Procaster’s WordPress podcaster player is customizable and premium, which looks beautiful on your site. That beautiful player ensures that no more ugly duckling here. Furthermore, with this perfect podcast player, build the amazing WordPress podcaster themes are no longer difficult.


Mighty Email Lead Capture

In addition, there is a mighty function of email lead capture. How mighty is this feature? What are the differences between it and other emails? Let’s smell its powerful in an intimate way now.

As we all know, email is one of the most powerful tools to keep in touch with your friends, families, workmates, and so on. However, there is not only one email type in the world, and there are a lot of email types. It can be broken down into three basic types: web-based email, POP3 email service, IMAP email service, MAPI email service. The email lead capture I mentioned above is the best and convenient way to stay in touch in the episodes.

To bring the best user experience for you, the WordPress builders provide three built-in direct integrations with MailChimp, ConvertKit, and Drip. What is more, these three tools are the most powerful email marketing platforms and will give you a great platform to connect with your audience in between podcast episodes. Different from other email feature, this email lead capture ensures that you’ll stay connected with your audience all the time.

At last, this WordPress website is also a multi-purpose WordPress podcast theme. No matter what media host you are using, Libsyn, Blubrry, Soundcloud, or more, this Procaster will work great!

WordPress Podcast Hosting Powerful Features

  • Email Lead Capture
  • Social Sharing
  • Works with Any Host
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Tweetable Quotes
  • Beautiful Media Player

Gumbo – Best WordPress Theme for Podcast

Gumbo is a new and best podcast WordPress theme developed by SecondlineTheme. This is also a highlighted and responsive WordPress theme so that it caused a sensation once appearing in the WordPress marketplace. Moreover, whoever you are, a podcaster with or without prior WordPress experience, the Gumbo will perfectly suitable for you. What is more, if you want to be a real podcaster, having this best podcaster WordPress theme is necessary. Why did I call it best WordPress podcast theme? Because it embedded the multiple and best WordPress podcast plugin such as PowerPress and “Seriously Simple Podcasting”, locally hosted, external MP3 files, Libsyn, SoundCloud, MixCloud, YouTube, Vimeo, and more.

With these powerful WordPress podcast plugins, you can display your Podcast / Audio player everywhere you want the theme. What is more, the audio player is compatible with all browsers and mobile devices, and you can add a download button to play in a new window.

Also, these plugins make the site looks premium and full of the sense of technology. In the second place, you will save much precious time with an easy-to-use management system. The Gumbo just can do that. After purchasing this WordPress podcast theme, you will see dozens of page builder settings. Upon turning off the features, you can control the post count efficiently. How simple is this management system? You just need a few of click, and then you can tweak every single aspect of the theme!


Custom-made WordPress Theme

As we all know, the most critical factor to lengthen the users’ retention time is the website quality. Besides, if your website can win the users’ heart in the first sight, and then you win the half. But how to make your website out of the ordinary? The answer is colored. Choosing an outstanding and refresh color from the unlimited color panel, and then match up the premium design, your website must be as unique as it can be!

In addition, a complete website’s basic part is its show hosts pages. You can add the pages in the background. There are some people reflect that the steps of adding pages are difficult and complicated in another WordPress website. But in this WordPress podcast template, you don’t have to worry about that extra problem. Because the WordPress developer has created the great About Us and Show Hosts page for you. You can increase engagement with your listeners by add-in an image, bio and social network links.

Also, this is a WordPress podcast template that custom-made for you. You can showcase a Podcast channel, a Video Blog (Vlog), Portfolio, or anything else you have in mind with this perfect WP theme. Just need to pay $69, and then you can enjoy it’s outstanding!

WordPress podcast Key Features

  • Easy to customize
  • Fully responsive
  • Page speed & SEO
  • Fully features documentation
  • One click demo install
  • Optimized for podcasting
  • Translation ready
  • 700+ Google fonts support
  • Dedicated support

More Features of WordPress Podcast

  • Supports the latest version of WordPress
  • Page Builder Included
  • Featured Slider Included
  • PSD Design Files Included
  • Super Fast Support
  • One Click Demo Import
  • Easy Color & Font Customization
  • Plenty of Theme Options
  • SEO & Speed Optimization
  • Fully Responsive
  • Translation Ready
  • RTL Orientation Support

Sonus – Audio & WordPress Podcast Themes

Sonus is not just a theme; it’s a podcast publishing platform. From this sentence, you know that cool WordPress theme is an easy-to-use and best WordPress theme for the podcast. But how easy is this theme? However, its easy will be shown in the operating steps. Just three steps, and then you can publish your episode efficiently: upload audio – create a post – publish episode. The corresponding buttons are clearly so that the whole steps been easier than others. Also, you can create the new posts easily on the three steps. Moreover, it’s surely a good deed if your customers like your works.

But if your site can not support the niche browsers and devices, your customers will be disappointed. Even so, this simple WordPress theme is compatible with most of the browsers. For instance, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge. Surely includes the niche devices, such as Apple Podcast & iTunes and Android. Also, it supports the mighty XML and RSS. That is to say, your customers can listen to your audios everywhere with any browser and devices.

To my surprise, the Sonus player is amazing, too. It’s a well designed responsive fixed player. With this player, you can custom your audio by few of clicks. On the small progress bar, you can see some simple and premium icons. All your needs of the podcast can be done with these small icons, such as change speed, go episode, and jump the second. Just like a mini world, but is the world that belongs to you.


Best WordPress Podcast Plugin

As you can see, Sonus is a beautiful WordPress website for all podcasters. If you are a podcaster with or without rich podcast experience, this WordPress podcast theme is the theme you can’t miss. Upon investigating users’ experience, we found that someone uses the plugins for podcasting. To increasing the users’ experience, this WordPress theme’s developers designed the Sonus for these plugins, such as Powerpress Blubrry, Seriously Simple Podcasting, Podlove Podcast Publisher, Buzzsprout Podcasting, and Libsyn Podcasting Plugin.

By the way, if you want to use the sidebar on the podcast single page, please delete Envato extras plugin and install from Appearance>Install Plugins to use the new version of Extras Plugin. Reset Sonus Options > General section. And then, your general setting will be gone with reseting.

At last, you don’t have to pay for the podcast hosting, because the Sonus WordPress theme does it for free!

Podcast in WordPress Theme Key Features

  • 1170px Grid System
  • Season Ready
  • RTL Support
  • Create Podcast with Sonus. You don’t need anything to create a podcast. Just the theme is enough.
  • Support Android, Itunes, Apple Podcast, RSS, XML
  • Youtube, Vimeo, Embed code acceptable in podcast page
  • Speed, Easy Navigation, Responsive Custom Player
  • Two podcasts in Custom Player
  • Well Organized
  • Google Web Fonts (Free Fonts Used)
  • Free Icon Fonts
  • Extended Documentation
  • Home responsive design added
  • Pixel Perfect


  • Home
  • Grid
  • Image Background
  • Responsive
  • Episode Page
  • Episode Page (For PowerPress Plugin)
  • Contact
  • Blog
  • Blog Single
  • 404

Audonic – Podcast Theme Music for WordPress

If you want to manage your music podcast theme efficiently, then there is the best place. Today, we handpick the best podcast theme music WordPress here – Audonic. Audonic, a clean, flexible, mobile-first, custom-made, responsive, and multi-media WordPress theme from ThemeForest, is designed with powerful, advanced, and best WordPress podcast theme plugin. For example, the Audonic Events, Contact Form, Video Thumbnail, Twitter Feed, and Instagram Feed.

How useful are these WordPress plugins? In other words, all the basic functions of the podcast can be easily done by these plugins. Using the custom widgets, you can add the custom post type for events, grab the video thumbnail from Youtube and Vimeo, show your latest tweets, and display your Instagram feed with negligible effort. Also, having a clear music & podcast archives is important for the website. It makes sure that your visitors can come to your latest and featured music podcasts clearly. Audonic’s archives are rich but clear enough. You can upload your own header images and activate Slider options. Also, you can upload the featured image for your audio posts and it will be used as a cover.


As one of the best podcast & minimalist WordPress themes on ThemeForest, Audonic’s rating is certainly not low. The fact proved that its rating is really high. The users give this WordPress podcast theme a good score of 3, and the total is 5. There is more than forty percent of users give it 5 stars. And it is evidence that the Audonic is the best podcast theme for the musician.

Podcast Theme Music General Features

  • Fully responsive theme
  • Mobile-first design for all devices
  • Theme options for easy customization
  • Homepage Hero & Feature Sliders

Podcast Theme Songs Plugins

  • Audonic Events – Adds a custom post type for Events with custom Widgets
  • Contact Form – Publish a simple contact form on your WordPress site
  • Video Thumbnails – Automatically grabs the video thumbnail from Youtube and Vimeo
  • Twitter Feed – Show your latest tweets with a custom Widget
  • Instagram Feed – Display your Instagram feed with custom Widget

Podcast Theme Music Made With

  • HTML5
  • JQuery
  • CSS3
  • Underscores Theme
  • Hybrid Media Grabber
  • Hybrid Theme Layouts
  • Font Awesome Icons
  • JQuery BxSlider
  • Fitvids
  • SlideShow


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