Best 10 Review WordPress themes Responsive and Awesome to Review Affiliate Products, Services and Apps 2018

We live in an information explosion era. Like a coin has two sides, the huge number of information can bring great convenience to our daily life, but sometimes they also puzzle us. Especially, when you find that the information you want is scattered, you will get lost. However, if there is a place where people store relative information together, it would be rather convenient for you to compare the information so as to make a satisfying decision. Review websites such places where webmasters collect information and have them presented in one website. As our life speed becomes faster and faster, the demand for review websites will become larger and larger. For websites based on WordPress themes have achieved huge successes, your review websites will not go wrong by using those carefully selected best review WordPress themes.

Those review WordPress websites enables your review site to review a wide range of products and service. Moreover, customers can purchase them directly from your website. And you could also guide your visitors to other sources through affiliate links. To fulfill those needs, your review website should be multifunctional, high quality and responsive. Beside these functions that shared by almost all high quality WordPress themes, these 10 best review WordPress themes also boast other features. And those features help to make them distinguish. In the following section, I am going to introduce you these review WordPress themes in detail. I believe you can find one to get started.

Puzzles – Best WordPress Themes for Blog Review

Best WordPress Themes for Blog Review

Puzzles is deserved to be considered as one of the best multipurpose WordPress themes with tons of features for various review websites. To list just a few, this theme is suitable for forums, portals, game, music, video and movies reviews. And based on the predefined features, to build a premium review website is rather easy and convenient. If you are not sure about what I have said  and what I will say about this theme, you can first look at what customers comment on this high quality review WordPress theme.

Puzzles comes with great opportunities for it is an up-to-date WordPress theme that will never be outdated. What is more, creativity is what this theme advocates. With this theme, you could build your original review site that will be similar to none. This also guarantees that your way of review is distinctive from other review websites. Then, what are the other features of this review WordPress theme?

Blog is a great influential factor for any website. As a review website, Puzzles provides a flexible system to support the set up and styling of the blog format. Because you could modify each single post or page’s categories and other elements to make it unique. What is more important is that you way of presentation directly affects the effects of your review.

In addition, the powerful Theme Options gives this theme another feature that is the unlimited number of sidebars. You could easily create or delete any of the sidebar according to your concrete review needs. Further, previewing new posts is ready with only two steps and each post can be turned into review with ease. Puzzles is actually a qualified review WordPress theme.

Cactus – Clean One Page Multipurpose WordPress Theme for Review Website

Clean One Page Multipurpose WordPress Theme for Review Website

Cactus is a totally modern, clean and elegant one page WordPress theme designed for creating one page websites, also multi-pages blogging sites. Regardless of what kind of business you are into, Cactus will have your needs covered. That is to say it is a high qualified multipurpose WordPress theme. For example, if your services are to provide review information to your customers,  you could make use of this site to build a premium review website.

With clean and elegant design, Cactus affords 10+ predefined sections. Those sections consist of full width slider, promo, services, team, gallery, testimonials and the like. This theme also combines an impressive dragging and dropping page builder and an useful set of admin panel tools. Therefore,it is highly customizable and fully responsive. By fully taking advantage of this theme, you can take your site into next level.

In addition, the functionality of this theme empowers you to command total control over the layout and design of your website easily. With the live customizer, you can customize everything and check the changes in real time. It is convenient for you to adjust the colors, fonts, backgrounds and the like to adapt to your content. What is more, you can finish the process with no coding or design skills required. Furthermore, this theme comes with SEO plugin and WooCommerce, which are useful if you want to launch an online career. If you are a beginner, this WordPress portfolio theme is quite suitable for you. And if you are a master in this field, this theme can boost your design power.

OneTone – Simple WordPress Review Theme

Simple WordPress Review Theme

OneTone is a simple responsive single page WordPress Review theme featuring elegant design. It is a multipurpose theme suitable for a wide variety of businesses. Flexible enough to tackle many fields, OneTone excels at professional and creative users. Use this theme to boost your creative power so as to better promote your event.

This theme comes with 3 stylish headers: Normal Header, Sticky Header and Overlay Header. It is also possible to set the header background and you are free to choose a transparent header or an non-transparent one. As to the banner section, this theme offers slider and video banners. Additionally, you can upload images or set a video for the slider banner from Youtube video and HTML5 video.

The homepage include 15 built-in general sections, among which, 9 are pre-built patterns and 6 customizable sections. Therefore, you can style the homepage as you wish. Furthermore, OneTone fully integrates with the most popular WordPress eCommerce plugin, which is WooCommerce. So you can build your own online store to sell merchandise. Based on 60 well-designed shortcodes, this theme liberates you from complex code when customizing your site.

Bou – Review Magazine Blog WordPress Theme

Review Magazine Blog WordPress Theme

Bou belongs to professional and creative WordPress magazine themes as well as outstanding review magazine blog WordPress themes. Web developers built this theme with a remarkably clean and sleek layout design, which is popular these days. Supported by the latest HTML5 and CSS3 techniques, websites empowered by this theme are completely responsive to look amazing on any devices and platforms. Needless to say your review site will also be compatible with PCs.

When it comes to review a large number of information, you need a clear mind map to guide you. Then well organized WordPress categories are indispensable. Because they will make it easier for visitors to find more useful review information. Along with the SEO plugin, search engines will index your review blog in a higher ranking position. Once you have decided to review on something, you need to use tags to highlight your review content. If not, the search engine will be confused about what you are reviewing about in your blogs. Hence, there is no possibility to offer visitors a good user experience.

To ease the search process and create a more intelligent search experience, Bou will help your review website surpass others. It is due to the live search technique. This technique means that people can get the results before they finish typing the review query. Meanwhile, browsers do not have to click a submit button. The valid and advanced WordPress codes brings full responsiveness to your website. Based on this review WordPress theme, your review website will have the same gorgeous look on any mobile devices.

Lastly, this review theme is translation ready and easy to set up with .XML File. You could import the sample data effortlessly and obtain what you see in the fantastic demos.

Gameleon – Clean WordPress Theme for Review Websites

Clean WordPress Theme for Review Websites

Gameleon is a visually engaging and aesthetically clean WordPress magazine and arcade theme suitable for a wide range of niches. It is free for you to apply this multipurpose theme to build a review website to review information. And you could also use it as a gaming WordPress theme to help build a heat gaming website for online games. Follow me to explore the cool features owned by this theme so as to decide whether you want this theme to accompany you or not.

In the first place, this review theme comes with versatile header options. They include multiple header combinations and 7 different kinds of header blocks. Secondly, the advanced review system provides your visitors with the key information such as stars, percents, points and unlimited custom criteria. Because this theme works seamlessly with a powerful rating and review system.

By combining the high quality code and SEO plugin, Gameleon is capable of generating best search engine results across all search engines. This can guarantee that your review content will be seen by more people. As a webmaster, there is nothing more important than gaining high traffic. Because traffic can be transferred into revenue. In addition, the useful social counter plugin will attract more users to be your review website’s followers.

Newspread – Responsive Review WordPress Themes

Responsive Review WordPress Themes

Newspread is a lightning fast and full responsive magazine and news wordpress theme crafted to provide you with the most engaging platform to showcase your content. Therefore, it is a content-oriented WordPress theme suitable for creating a review website. Because a review website requires an efficient format to have the review content displayed. What is more, the powerful and advanced functionality of this theme makes page building quite simple and quick.

As this theme’s name suggests, the main purpose of this theme is to spread news to as more readers as possible. Therefore, to review the latest news is the main problem confronted by news review website owners. Except news, this theme also goes for personal blog websites. Newspaper authorizes you a complete control over your review website’s design. You can personalize fonts, colors and layouts to create the look as you like. And all can be finished within the customizer widget. This WordPress customizer also let you see your changes and modification in real time. More importantly, you can make use of all those features with no coding knowledge required.

Although most of the WordPress themes use WooCommerce plugin, however, Newspread’s developers are experts in this field. They have worked hard to make sure that Newspread has the more powerful WooCommerce support. Tons of predefined content, page templates and widgets exclusively designed for content heavy websites. So, this theme is a wise choice for any review website.

Wagazine – Magazine and Reviews Responsive WordPress Theme

Magazine and Reviews Responsive WordPress Theme

Wagazine is a magazine and reviews responsive WordPress theme with simple and flat design. Before you start to experience the functions provided by this theme you must be firstly impressed by the charming and engaging appearance. Apparently, not only you but also your visitors will be bewitched by its layout and do not want to go to other places. Based on a ton of features, this theme makes website creation easy and with no hassle.

Crafted with Bootstrap 3, this theme is extremely responsive. Therefore, this theme is ready to present you review content in any mobile devices, At the same time, this theme is also retina ready. It is often said that success depends on details. This considerable theme not only provides features serving the your main purposes, it also takes many details into consideration. For example, this theme incorporates a weather widget with custom icons and geolocation. I believe this kind of services can gain reputation from customers.

The most important feature for a review website is the review feature which allows you to define your own criteria and to start reading. In addition to traditional post content like text and images, post types of this site is various. Yan can add gallery, video and link in your post at will. With multiple presentation formats, you can have your review content passed to your site more efficiently.

DizzyMag – Review WordPress Themes

Review WordPress Themes

DizzyMag is a high quality advertisement and review WordPress magazine theme with portfolio. This theme has passed the test of envatomarket, which is one of the most reliable WordPress market trusted by thousands of webmasters. Besides user-friendly, this theme is ad-friendly, built specially with the needs of entrepreneurs in mind. DizzyMag makes your review website a money-maker for the WooCommerce and AdSense can generate revenue. This is the ultimate goal for any commercial activities.

Packed with robust features and boasting a modern style, this theme is an appropriate choice for any webmaster who is looking to build a premium website. DizzyMag set plenty of ad areas in hot spots and blends them seamlessly with the page content. Unlike traditional portfolio which only supports importing images, portfolio in this theme works with self-hosted media, audio, video and galleries. More specifically, the frontpage comes with two different page templates. You have the freedom to change primary and secondary colors quickly and easily with a provided color picker. More than 140 unique and handcrafted icons are included in the StrictThemes font for you to use. To mind you, they look awesome on Retina screens.

The demo XML enables you to start from a solid base. A good beginning is half done. What is more, an well written documentation is there to help you as you work with this review theme. Try this fabulous review WordPress theme and advance your site into the next stage.

Wonderer – Blog Review WordPress Theme

Blog Review WordPress Theme

Wonderer is a continuous updating WordPress blog review theme. The web-developers are working hard to make this review theme keep pace with times development. So, review websites powered by this review theme will also stay closely with the trend. If you are a writer or blogger writing articles, you can share your articles or stories with one of the best personal blog WordPress themes for other readers to review. A slew of embedded features makes this blog review WordPress theme stand out from the crowd. The same will go for your review website.

Wonderer comes with a lot of handy functions, such as side menu, a number of diverse blog layouts and more. As to menu, this theme is compatible with powerful UberMeny plugin, allowing you to present content in attractive dropdowns. Meanwhile, you can also customize the menu with the premium WPBakery Page Builder. This widget is one of the most popular and practical tools.

Since this is a theme especially crafted for blogs, it is natural for this theme featuring some advanced blog settings. These settings include multiple blog styles, flexible layout options, over 20 post animations, and customizable blog feed. Present your content in a good order does enormous good to your review website.

Apemag – Stylish WordPress Theme with Review System

Stylish WordPress Theme with Review System

Apemag is a stylish WordPress theme magazine with a review system. It is also one of the most aesthetically modern WordPress theme with a visually balanced design. This theme is ready for monetization with the help of the most popular ecommerce plugin – WooCommerce. With stunning blog layouts and post formats, Apemaga is perfectly fit for blog, magazine or online shop website.

This theme is highly customizable and you build your own review website with an extensible and intuitive framework. Focusing on content as well as presentation and engagement, this theme is tremendously suitable for article-concentrated sites. Furthermore, you do not have to bother yourself about not having perfect images to match your perfectly written posts. Because this review theme has already considered about this by proving you with a unique and eye-catching layouts.

In the end, this theme guarantees to maximize your revenue by strategically dispersed advertising hotspots. Meanwhile, it will bring no harm to the rhythm of the design and user’s review experience. Wait no moment to check this theme out.


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