Best 10 Creative and Encouraging Gaming WordPress Themes/Templates for Gamers, Gaming Blogs, Gaming Magazines and News Portals Sites

In this collection, I would like to share with you ten best gaming WordPress themes. These WordPress gaming themes are fully responsive and extremely creative. Supported by these premium gaming themes, it is safe to say that webmasters of any level can create their own unique high quality gaming website with ease and in no time. In addition, if you are still hesitating about building one gaming site, I sincerely persuade you to stop hesitation and move forward. Because gaming is an increasingly developing industry and there still has huge untapped space for you to explore.

Those carefully selected gaming WordPress themes are perfectly suitable for a wide variety of niches. For example, you can apply these WordPress gaming themes to create gaming blogs, gaming magazines, gaming news and gaming community websites and online gaming stores. So, no matter you are a game player or a business man wanting to sell game devices or other relative products, you can find one theme to get started. Moreover, with tons of predefined features, the process of installation and construction will take no time and generate no frustration as all.

In brief, these best gaming WordPress themes are fully responsive, highly customizable, lightning fast and user-friendly. What makes these collected WordPress themes for gaming distinctive is their gaming-focused designs.

Below I am going to inform you each theme’s information in detail, so that you can make a wise decision about which one to use. Go through this article and wait no moment to begin.

Video Pro – Gaming WordPress Themes

Gaming WordPress Themes

Video Pro is a professional and reliable gaming WordPress theme coming with premium and advanced features. This theme will facilitate gaming page building so as to help webmaster survive in the fierce gaming environment with ever-growing competition. Once you click the live preview button, you will be in front of a demo with a simple and modern design. And through a few of glance, you can gain a whole picture of this gaming WordPress theme.

Except gaming website, this WordPress gaming theme also goes for movie, news, entertainment, science and more. The main reason for why Video Pro can be used in so many niches is that the web-developers create this theme with the concept of versatility in mind. And also because the requirements of them are similar. Firstly, they all demand high-resolution and the ability to adapt to any devices. Of cause, these are basic functions that this gaming WordPress template provide. Besides, this theme is available for building your own game video community.

As a gamers, you may want to share some exciting moments with your friends. Taking advantage of Front-End Subscribe Authors and Channels, your customers can create their own channels and playlists to have fun together. In addition to create a community, you can also add videos into the gaming website you have created.

All in All, this gaming WordPress theme is qualified enough to support an outstanding gaming website. Therefore, try Video Pro and up your game.

Gameforest – Best WordPress Gaming Themes

Best WordPress Gaming Themes

Gameforest is an attractive WordPress gaming template which has the ability to make you feel like in a real environment with super high quality setting production. This theme is based on HTML Bootstrap 4, facilitating the speed of website building. Except gaming website, site for Twitch, Streamer, Blogging and Video can also benefit from this high quality WordPress theme. Meanwhile, regardless of what type of game you are into, Gameforest can match your needs perfectly. Hence, if you are bother finding a gaming style theme, this one could be the right one for you.

In addition to premium visual effect, this theme focuses on the function of content presentation. It comes with a simple and clean design which leaves you sufficient space and freedom to organize your content. In this theme, you are able to display recent games in both traditional way of using images or employ videos. Additionally, your visitors can review the game content presented before. Clean and pure coded HTML, CSS, SCSS, Twig files are created by top technologies and included in your downloaded package. Therefore, the process of page building will be full of fun.

What is more, this theme also contains more than 70 HTML pages and custom bootstrap components like buttons, progress bars, tables, widgets etc. Lastly, gulp is accessible in Gameforest as well. Those mentioned features are not all about this theme. There are many other features you may be interested in and I want to leave them for you to explore by yourself.

Equipped with several indispensable features for a gaming website, this theme is an incredible WordPress theme for game related websites.

Orizon – Gaming WordPress Themes

Gaming WordPress Themes

Orizon is an visually impacting gaming WordPress template coming with blue and red versions. The blue template creates a magic gaming atmosphere while the read version spurs you to take part in the fierce game. No matter which version you choose, you will get the same functionality. Meanwhile, it can also be considered as an excellent news WordPress themes and be used for entertainment content presentation.

Based on the latest CSS3, this gaming WordPress theme enables you to create a gaming website effortlessly and in no time. You can choose from two main banners, parallax or tab selector. Further, you have got 16 different kinds of pages featuring CSS3 powered HTML. Each page provides 8 colors to help you style it. Making full use of the gallery page to showcase the unique and exquisite images from the games. Orizon is also compatible with other features like working Ajax contact form, PSDs and Documentation. The dedicate and extensive documentation is a good guider for you to understand and install this gaming theme.

If you have any question about this theme, the author will give you answers in a surprising speed. This theme also helps with the included third party assets. Its striking design and appearance combine with powerful functionality, this is the gaming theme that will empower your site into next level.

Godlike – Html Gaming Template

Html Gaming Template

Based on Bootstrap 4, GodLike is a mind-blowing HTML gaming theme for WordPress. You can use this theme to build website to show your game, create a gaming community with a clean forum design. For game players, a gaming community is a significant because it is a place where they can exchange ideas and thoughts, discuss game playing methods and share the latest gaming information.

Godlike contains full supports for the most famous ecommerce plugin – WooCommerce. In combination with the predefined Social pages and Store layouts, you are able to sell gaming related goods. Besides showcasing you products by presenting them in online store, you could also improve their reputation by writing blog posts for them. Also, by writing blogs, you could also inform your customers about your latest news. Of cause, the template for your blog page is not fixed for it is possible to style them at will.

Many elements are ready to use. With the help of these advanced elements, it is possible to customize almost all aspects of this theme and your website. This theme only requires you to exploit your imagination and creativity to create an original looking website. Therefore, packed with so many features, Godlike is a suitable option for you to get your gaming website started.

Arcane – WordPress Theme for Gaming Community

WordPress Theme for Gaming Community

Acrene is a community WordPress theme gives you the power to create gaming website, especially for massive gaming communities. This theme comes with the useful buddypress. So,  users can create team and tournaments and challenge each others, keep track of the matches, share content and much more. To your surprise, both team pages and user pages are customizable.

Predefined page layout is available and clans can handle it easily. The premium Visual Composer plugin is provided for considering that you may want more access to control the appearance of your gaming content. With this tool available, you can edit any element or any included page template of this theme. This theme is user friendly as well. So, building you own unique gaming page style from scratch is not a problem either. Since all of the work can be done through a front-end, drag and drop user interface, you are not required to interact with the underlying code.

This theme also comes with theme barracks which has extensive options like typography options, unlimited colors, Jquery page builder turn on/off option, blog option, SEO options, footer options, social media options. In addition, With cross-browser compatibility, your site will look great on any devices and platform.

Goodgames – Gaming WordPress Template      Gaming WordPress Template

GoodGames is a perfectly designed WordPress template with a superior and modern design. It is a theme can not only be used for creating gaming website, but also suitable for any game portal, news portal, eSport or just your own personal website or blog. GoodGames includes all the necessary features to create an outstanding gaming website helps you to make an impact in the gaming field.

GoodGames has pages for clan wars, news sections and 3 blog styles, gallery, shop and forums. All of those pages are designed with the real needs of visitors in mind. For instance, in the news section, you can set the filter conditions to make navigation easier for users. By doing so, they can find what they want immediately and gain an ultimate user experience. One distinctive perspective of this gaming WordPress theme is that you are free to combine any of its elements as you like. This allows you to bring your potential to full play.

Except of these described features that are shared by most themes, this theme will get more distinctive attributes very soon. For example, the developers are working to build pages for coming soon, offline, 404 and more. Additionally, many media have already been integrated into this premium gaming theme such as Twitter and Instagram. Lastly, monetizing your gaming website is easy with this theme.

New Gamer – Gaming WordPress  Themes

Gaming WordPress  Themes

New Gamer is one of the best professional and responsive WordPress themes for gaming on the market. It comes with 5 demos in different styles that are not only suitable for games but also cater to other niches like chef, sports and lifestyle. Therefore, you can choose the most suitable one to support your own gaming website construction based on your special requirements. You considerate attitudes towards your customers can also be conveyed to them through your deliberately designed gaming website. Obviously, customers’ recognition does good to widen your gaming site’s reputation.

Then, what kinds of features will help your game website gain customers’ trust? To begin with, the five unique demos are available and can be easily imported requiring a single click. Visual Composer Blocks assist you to enhance this theme by giving your freedom to edit this gaming as you like. You homepages, categories and pages will look beautiful and brilliant with the embedded grid layouts. Adding an well-written blog post is not the end, because the gorgeous post layout will surprise you further. In the section of header layout, you can display your logo, menus, banners, widgets and more.

The great category layouts enables you to customize your categories one by one. If your purpose is to launch an online shop, then the Ads System will benefit you. You are able to manage your advertisements through custom post type which is integrated with the theme options. All in all, this game WordPress theme is qualified to make your gaming site stand out from the crowd.

Pixiebolt – Responsive WordPress Gaming  Template

Responsive WordPress Gaming  Template

PixieBolt boasts the features that are needed for creating websites for gaming clans, teams and eSports organizations. Built on the newest standards of WordPress themes and the latest trends of design, there is no doubt that your site will look chic and modern. In addition to the fabulous design, this gaming WordPress theme also provides tons of other practical functions from customization to responsiveness.

PixieBolt includes an unprecedented admin panel, which fully allows you to make the best of  this theme so as to configure a gaming website with universal appeal. Just as what I have mentioned this is a highly customizable theme that you can change the colors, sections. More importantly, you can conduct all those actions without the need to write a single line of code. Packed with simple and advanced shortcodes, your gaming site will work in a high speed, which has become a make-or-break factor. Nevertheless, you do not have to worry that this will compromise other functions of your site. All functions work seamlessly together to empower your game site performing well.

In addition, except from the fantastic and extensive documentation, there is also a video tutorials as your disposal. And if you happen to get stuck, feel free to contact the support team to gain useful help.

Gamepro – Fantastic WordPress Gaming Themes

Fantastic WordPress Gaming Themes

Gamepro is an inspiring, fantastic and striking blog WordPress themes for game sites with the most unique, extraordinary design on the market. Of cause, this site is not restricted to create gaming sites. This theme also gives you the right to build a sleek, eye-catching news, online magazine, publishing or review site. Gamepro provides features that are fit for game reviews, game news, game forum, game blogs or any other gaming communities.

You can not only add these sections into your site, but also manage your game blog posts, comments, discussions easily. In addition, you are capable of applying this design to other similar categories like movie with only some adjustments and changes. Along with 3 super stunning and attractive homepages, various blog listing and detail layouts, sample page layouts, Gamepro has everything to make your gaming site easy to use and lightweight. In layout, there is space for about us, contact us, 404 page and under construction.

Developers promised to update this theme continually and your site will get automatic updating. Work with this reliable gaming WordPress themes to gain success.


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