10 Best Responsive Free WordPress Gallery Themes for Portfolio/Photography

The life of modern society is full of stress. However, there are a lot of ways to ease your frayed nerves. For example, going to a gallery to enjoy a great painter’s masterpieces or heading for a concert hall for a moving music drama are good choices. Nevertheless, people are busy with trivial routines or work. It is not easy for them to arrange a suitable time for entertainment. Thanks to internet, providing an enormous stockpile of information, we can get almost what we want from it. Therefore, you needn’t to bother yourself to go out. So, it is not difficult to infer that portfolio websites will be in great demand in the following days. Here, I recommend you WordPress themes, which are trusted by millions of webmasters. Considering your special needs, I have prepared your 10 best free WordPress gallery themes.

WordPress is the most powerful platform that you have ever met, which is designed to help construct websites. Do not frighten yourself for thinking that you have to build your site in this platform by yourself. Be easy. Qualified and dedicated web-developers have done this for you. They build tons of awesome and responsive WordPress Themes for you to choose. Among them, some are free WordPress themes and some are premium. In view of the fact that you may get lost in the forest of uncountable themes. Therefore, in this article, 10 WordPress themes for free download are at your disposal. If these themes can not satisfy you, you can also go to anther article for more information. The link is WordPress gallery themes.

Jinn – Modern Free WordPress Gallery Themes

Modern Free WordPress Gallery ThemesJinn is a modern and lightweight WordPress theme build on a concept of clean and simple design. This theme is especially suitable for architects, graphic designers, photographers, freelancers and the like. Until now, more than 12,000 people have downloaded this theme and the comment they made are all positive. This active users number speaks for popularity of this theme.

As to what makes this theme popular, we need to check some of features owned by this theme. Like what I have mentioned above, this theme is rather simple. There is a static header menu, which includes Home, My Work, Clients, Services, Articles, Hire Me. It is very convenient for you to decide your content should be put into which part. Therefore, you can handle this theme with ease. What is more, your full control over this theme is the precondition for a smooth user experience.

Besides the easy-to-use layout, this theme features high customization. Because you can customize the elements of the layout by taking advantages of the several embedded widgets. For example, there are unlimited colors, a lot of Google fonts and featured pictures for your use. In addition, you can make the most of the portfolio and image gallery to showcase your works. If you are a newbie in this field, Jinn is the right choice for you.

Latte – Stunning Multipurpose WordPress Gallery Theme

Stunning Multipurpose WordPress Gallery ThemeLatte is a stunning multipurpose WordPress theme with a very responsive one-page design. It can benefits a lot of businesses, from corporate to creative ones. Why is this theme so functional? Because this theme boasts a slew of advanced features required by a fabulous website. What is more, this theme gains trust from more than 20,000 active users. If this number could not convince you, then read the following description to decide whether this theme suits you not.

The main colors of this theme are white and gray, which gives the theme a feeling of elegance. In combination with the smooth parallax scrolling, a full-width header, this theme provides you with an excellent browsing experience. In addition, this theme is compatible with any device, browser and screen size on the market. These features work together to bring users an ultimate user experience. Furthermore, this theme is also highly customizable with the WordPress Customizer plugin. You can easily explore the specific features by downloading the demo.

This theme is also SEO friendly, which helps to bring your site more traffic. The most popular eCommerce plugin – WooCommerce has also been integrated into this theme. To embark on your own online shop is very convenient. With the SEO plugin, your site will gain big success without any doubt. Try this theme today.

Cactus – Free One Page WordPress Theme For Photography

Free One Page WordPress Theme For Photography

Cactus is a totally free one page WordPress theme designed for creating one page websites, also multi-pages blogging sites. If you are a photographer or just a photographer by passion, Cactus is definitely the right choice for you. With a clean and elegant design, Cactus affords 10+ predefined sections. Those sections consist of full width slider, promo, services, team, gallery, testimonials and the like. This theme also combines an impressive dragging and dropping page builder and an useful set of admin panel tools. Therefore,this theme is highly comtomizable and fully responsive.

The functionality of this theme empowers you to command total control over the layout and design of your website easily. With the live customizer, you can customize everything and check the changes in real time. It is convenient for you to adjust the colors, fonts, backgrounds and the like to adapt to your content. What is more, you can finish the process with no coding or design skills required. Additionally, this theme comes with SEO plugin and WooCommerce, which are useful if you want to launch an online career. If you are a beginner, this WordPress portfolio theme is quite suitable for you. And if you are a master in this field, this theme can boost your design power.

Onetone – Free Single Page Photography WordPress Theme

Free Single Page Photography WordPress ThemeOneTone is a free, elegant and responsive single page WordPress theme. It is a multipurpose theme so it is also suitable to use OneTone creating a photography website. This theme comes with 3 stylish headers: Normal Header, Sticky Header and Overlay Header. It is also possible to set the header background and choose to use a transparent header or an non-transparent one. As to the banner section, this theme offers slider and video banners. Additionally, you can upload images or set a video for the slider banner from Youtube video and HTML5 video.

The homepage include 15 built-in general sections, among which, 9 are pre-built patterns and 6 customizable sections. Therefore, you can style the homepage as you wish. Furthermore, OneTone fully integrates with the most popular WordPress eCommerce plugin, which is WooCommerce. So you can build your own online store to sell merchandise. Based on 60 well-designed shortcodes, this theme liberates you from the web design task when customizing your site.

Phlox Portfolio – Portfolio WordPress Theme

Portfolio WordPress ThemePhlox portfolio is portfolio WordPress theme featuring lots of options and styles. Those options have made the construction of a website never be easier than now with the help of Pholox portfolio. To start with, neatness is the biggest feature of this theme. I dare say the possibility for you to find out a much simpler theme is rather small. This simple layout enables you to showcase the most attractive works and helps you abandon the minor works. It is often the case that some webmasters want to present as many works as possible in their sites. Finally, their sites end with a mess.

Let us look exactly how simple this theme is. Header menu area accommodates five sections, and they are All, Illustration, Photography, Print and Web. Because this is a WordPress theme exclusively designed for gallery site, the sections of Illustration, Photography and Print are of great significance. Classify your works into three types based on the three sections in the header menu. Photos will be presented in a more correct way. This can also guarantee that your visitors are able to find out what they want easily so as to bring them a pleasant user experience. I bet that you will be keen on this theme.

Draft Portfolio – WordPress Theme for Designers and Photographers

WordPress Theme for Designers and PhotographersDraft Portfolio is a minimum WordPress theme designed for designers and photographers. This theme provides a modern grid-based layout with a unique page template. You are capable of showcasing your photographers, portfolio, projects and the like with a photo and description. I would like to say the feature distinguishes this theme from other themes is that this theme is totally goal-oriented. Its name manifests for which purpose you could use this theme to. Like the themes introduced above, Draft Portfolio is also easy-to-use. With only one click, you can install this theme into your computer. And then verify what contents are in this theme.

The Header menu includes there section and they are Home, Portfolio and Blog. The portfolio supports you to display three kinds of designs, including branding, illustration and blog. In addition to portfolio, there is one more way for your to attract visitors, that is blog. I believe that the importance of blog is obvious to all of us and needs no more explanation. What I should inform you is that the format of blog can also be styled as you like. Therefore, this theme meets the essential requirements of creating a high quality gallery website.

Portfolio Gallery – Elegant Gallery WordPress Template

Elegant Gallery WordPress TemplatePortfolio Gallery is an elegant, awesome and advanced WordPress gallery theme especially suitable for displaying pictures. It is a fully responsive and user-friendly theme, which means that you can customize layouts by exploring the embedded features. Those features include various color schemes, font size, widgets and features. According to my experience, those listed features are enough to fulfill your needs to create an attractive layout. In particular, the typography of this theme also provides broad options for customization. It is convenient to adjust the settings for the heading typography, primary and secondary fonts, input and text areas. Portfolio Gallery also allows you to choose the typography font, letter spacing, style, together with text-transform and weight options.

Although this a free WordPress theme, the functionality it offers can compete with the premium ones. Because except the feature of responsiveness, this theme works perfectly with the SEO plugin. Supported by this popular plugin, you are able to acquire a satisfying search engine ranking results. And this can contribute to get higher traffic. In today’s market, especially online market, traffic can be transformed into revenue. Therefore, if you purpose is not only to showcase works, then you should think about this theme.

Vertex – Beautiful Gallery WordPress Theme for Blog

Beautiful Gallery WordPress Theme for BlogVertex is a beautiful and awesome WordPress blog theme with clean and modern design. The ultimate goal is to showcase your content in a fashionable yet not grandiloquent style, bringing visitors aesthetic feel. Meanwhile, your images will stand out from the crowd and leave a deep impression on your visitors. Except the fashionable style, there are also many other features deserve attention.

In the first place, photos are divided into four types. They are landscape, nature, people and photography. From the aspect of users, the more concrete and specific a classification is, the more convenient will your site be. In addition, if you want to start an online career, the online shop is already there for you use. The contact forum is also available. The only thing remaining to be done is to style your own attractive shop.

This theme perfectly combines the ornamental value with practicability. Therefore, no matter what you are aimed at, Vertex has you covered. So, it would be wise to include pictures of your products or events via this theme. Do not hesitate and try this fabulous theme ..

Pixgraphy – Responsive WordPress Theme for Gallery

Responsive WordPress Theme for GalleryPixgraphy is a responsive photography WordPress theme designed for photographers who want to share their works with others. Even though this is a free WordPress theme, you can almost find all the popular plugins in this theme. For example, this theme comes with Breadcrumb NavXT, WP-PageNavi, Contact Form 7, Jetpack, Polylang, bbPress, WooCommerce and more. Let us look into some plugins in detail. WP-PageNavi provides your visitors with a smooth navigation. The most popular eCommerce plugin-WooCommerce enables you to create you own online shop. And the Contact Form 7 makes it possible for you to keep in close touch with your clients.

Additionally, this theme is also translation ready, which improve the possibility for your site to reach a wider potential market. As the same time, the options of theme is also highly customizable for the Customizer plugin. It seems that too much functions will slow the site’s loading speed. However, to your surprise, elements of this theme work together in harmony. So, you site will be versatile while performing in a high speed.


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