10 Best Free Non-profit and Donation and Charity WordPress Themes/Templates for Charity Organizations, Fundraising and NGO Websites

Nobody can live without gaining help from others. Also, few people can witness a tragedy without doing something good. It is safe to say that through mutual help we human kinds move forward step by step. Most of the time we just help others for morality but not for pursuing profit. Then, this is what is called charity. Obviously, the power of individual is limited, and only by gathering each individuals together can more people be tided over. Therefore, it is of great significance to build a charity foundation to unite loving people. Since it is an internet era, internet can connect people living close as well as in far distance. Constructing online charity website is the optimized option. WordPress themes are on the top of recommendations. And in this article, I recommend you 10 best free charity WordPress themes.

There are tons of premium WordPress themes on the market. But it is no easy job to find free ones. Especially most webmasters expect the free WordPress themes can compete with premium ones. Furthermore, when it comes to build charity websites what makes you more frustrating and depressed is that charity themes have some special requirements. Nevertheless, most free WordPress themes are multipurpose WordPress themes. To find one dedicated to charity websites needs some patience and skills. Do not worry. Our team have carefully narrowed down the choice scale for you.

The same as other WordPress themes, those 10 hand-picked free charity WordPress themes are responsive, fast and highly customizable. Meanwhile, they also incorporate special needs required by non-profit, charity and NGO websites. In the following section, I will introduce you those free charity WordPress themes in detail.

Humane – Free Charity WordPress Themes

Free Charity WordPress Themes

Human is a reliable and robust free charity WordPress theme with simple and clean design. This is a purpose-oriented WordPress theme focusing on raising money for people who are in need. Therefore, it is a charity theme especially suitable for fundraising charity websites. Except for the essential and indispensable, this theme boasts many other features as well. Considering that it may be your first time to build a website, all of the predefined features are easy to use and useful.

If you keep silent all the time, nobody will know you and your site. To launch some activities broadcasting your projects is important. Humane assists you to hold campaigns with no hassle. Because you could inform your followers of the upcoming events in a event page. Within this page, you could present the details in the most effective way. Please make sure that you do not miss some important information. Or you visitors will doubt about your professionalism. For a fundraising charity website, payment systems are of critical importance. This charity theme comes with PayPal and other efficient payment systems.

In addition, this theme integrates the sections like testimonials, latest news and registration. Let alone many other features shared by most of the websites like graphical customization, layout configuration, color scheme alterations and the like. Human is ready to work right out of the box, and I am sure that it is the charity theme you expect.

Charitize – Best Free Charity WordPress Themes

Best Free Charity WordPress Themes

Charitize is one of the best charity free WordPress themes on the market. Although you can download and use it without costing a dime, websites empowered by it can perform just as well as those using premium themes. What stuns you first and most is the simple and sleek design. ¬†This theme employs pictures effectively and children’s innocent and hungry eyes will leave you deep impression. By setting up a charity website presence or by joining a charity organization will let you make a difference in the world.

Crated for nonprofit organizations of any type, charity events, political parties, church and the like, Charitize offers you a slew of tools for convenient and effective page building. This theme includes causes, projects, events, pages and themes in the top head menu. You could help children by teaching them or make your contribution by providing human services both for children and elderly people. Charitiza is highly customizable so that you could design the formation of each page according to its function. So, the content of each page is clear and visitors will exactly know where they are and quickly find the information they want.

Importantly, site bases on this theme is completely responsive. Hence, your site will always have a good appearance on any screen size, devices and browser. Meanwhile, it will also maintain a fluid and smooth performance. Consequently, visitors can obtain a wonderful user experience. Lastly, this themes is translation ready and compatible with many popular plugins. Leave the technology part to professional web-developers and concentrate on your charity programs.

Charity Review – Free Charity WordPress Themes

Free Charity WordPress Themes


Just as its name suggests, this theme is dedicated to charity related websites. It has a clean and minimalist design which is consistent with the features of charity websites. Meanwhile, the clean design also contributes to make your site look like more professional. Besides the modern and professional outlook, the parallax ribbons and a widgeted footer also play important roles in making your site stand out from the crowd.

On the homepage, you can experience a featured slider and a zig-zag-like blog posts presentation style provided by Charity Review. This kind of post style is unique and undoubtedly, it will improve readers’ reading interest. Apart from those features, this theme also offers a responsive layout, tons of customization options. And among the customization options, you have custom backgrounds, colors, menu and header and various post formats. In a word, this charity theme provides you limitless possibilities for your charity websites.

The embedded social links are effective tools for charity websites to gain more followers. In combination with the integrated WooCommerce plugin, you can raise much more money for your charity organization. Nowadays, people are busy with all kinds of things, so that they will be into things that can save them time. And there is no doubt that you stunning charity website will be an appeal to them.

Cactus – Clean One Page WordPress Theme for Charity

Clean One Page WordPress Theme for Charity

Cactus is a totally modern, clean and elegant one page WordPress theme designed for creating one page websites, also multi-pages blogging sites. Regardless of what kind of business you are into, Cactus will have your needs covered. That is to say it is a high qualified multipurpose WordPress theme. For example, if you are an are into make contribution in charity, this theme can definitely satisfy your demand. What is more surprising is that it is totally free.

With clean and elegant design, Cactus affords 10+ predefined sections. Those sections consist of full width slider, promo, services, team, gallery, testimonials and the like. This theme also combines an impressive dragging and dropping page builder and an useful set of admin panel tools. Therefore, it is highly customizable and fully responsive. By fully taking advantage of this theme, you can take your site into next level.

In addition, the functionality of this theme empowers you to command total control over the layout and design of your website easily. With the live customizer, you can customize everything and check the changes in real time. It is convenient for you to adjust the colors, fonts, backgrounds and the like to adapt to your content. What is more, you can finish the process with no coding or design skills required. Furthermore, this theme comes with SEO plugin and WooCommerce, which are useful if you want to launch an online career. If you are a beginner, this WordPress portfolio theme is quite suitable for you. And if you are a master in this field, this theme can boost your design power.

OneTone – Simple WordPress Charity Theme

Simple WordPress Charity Theme

OneTone is another simple responsive single page WordPress theme featuring elegant design. It is a multipurpose theme suitable for a wide variety of businesses. There is no doubt that it is also fit for supporting charity websites. Flexible enough to tackle many fields, OneTone excels at professional and creative users. Use this theme to boost your creative power so as to gain success.

This theme comes with 3 stylish headers: Normal Header, Sticky Header and Overlay Header. It is also possible to set the header background and you are free to choose a transparent header or an non-transparent one. As to the banner section, this theme offers slider and video banners. Additionally, you can upload images or set a video for the slider banner from Youtube video and HTML5 video.

The homepage include 15 built-in general sections, among which, 9 are pre-built patterns and 6 customizable sections. Therefore, you can style the homepage as you wish. Furthermore, OneTone fully integrates with the most popular WordPress eCommerce plugin, which is WooCommerce. So you can build your own online store to sell merchandise. Based on 60 well-designed shortcodes, this theme liberates you from complex code when customizing your site.

Maisha Lite – Simple WordPress Charity Theme

Simple WordPress Charity Theme

Maisha Lite is a simple and elegant WordPress charity theme with a minimalist design and several unique layouts. It comes a with full-width header, in which front page, about, blog, contact and page builder are included. What is more, you can update this free version to the premium version with ease and in no time. But I can guarantee you that this free charity WordPress theme can satisfy your needs to build an high quality charity website.

This charity theme is highly customizable, which means that you could conduct a whole control over almost every element of your site. Basically, you are able to decide the way of combining sections together in the homepage and style the inner pages at will. The page builder is available for you to use. It will definitely give you all the rights you need to form your website to the style that fits your purpose. Hence, you will have confident in reaching your target audience to thrive your charity career.

Charitas Lite – High Quality Free Charity WordPress Themes

High Quality Free Charity WordPress Themes

Charitas lite belongs to the high quality free charity WordPress themes featuring an elegant and sleek design. This theme is totally fit for supporting websites for charity, NGO, foundations, churches, political organizations and more. This charity theme is an ideal solution for website that appreciates modern and eye-catching appearance. At the same time, this theme helps you tell your story and raise more funds.

Compared with other charity themes that supply two kinds of causes, this charity theme has four causes in total. They include human services, animals, education and international. This theme is really considerable for it not only take man’s needs into consideration, it also considers the fortune of animals. Apparently, this is a good news for animal lovers. Also, it is convenient for you to organize your content such as your events, projects, staff and other blocks in the most satisfying way.

Giving Press Lite – Responsive WordPress Charity Themes

Responsive WordPress Charity Themes

Giving Press Lite is a fully responsive WordPress theme crafted for charities, churches, scholarships and humanitarian sites. This theme comes with eye-catching and impressive design shared by all the multiple page templates for displaying content in a variety of layouts. More specifically, you could completely handle the way of displaying your charity causes and your charity organization. Your site in no doubt will be as wonderful as sites empowered by premium themes.

This theme includes a slideshow template, custom menu and logo, different pre-made templates, multiple sidebars and demo content. The code of this theme is well documented with commenting throughout the files. In addition, this themes boasts a responsive framework which ensures that your site till look amazing on any device and platform under any circumstance. Clearly, this will guarantee your visitors a smooth and joyful user experience.

Salt – Free Charity WordPress Themes

Free Charity WordPress Themes

Salt is a free charity WordPress theme designed with a flexible, memorable and engaging design. This theme has been trusted by hundreds of charity and NGO website owners for the tons of features. Those features not only include the indispensable factors for a premium charity website but also the elements that can distinguish your site from others.

In the first place, you site will be fast then most of the charity websites on the market for it pays major concerns on site’s performance speed. Secondly, you are able to improve the visual of your charity website by taking advantage of the predefined large-image slider. Lastly, you beautiful website is also responsive to make you site have a good look in all devices. No matter your visitors come from which device, you site will always performs well. Therefore, wait no moment to check this charity theme out.

Skt Charity – Responsive Free Charity WordPress Themes

Responsive Free Charity WordPress Themes

Skt Charity is one of the most responsive free charity WordPress theme you could find in WordPress. It works seamlessly with donation plugins and the most popular ecommerce plugin – WooCommerce. With the support of these two plugins, you could create some revenue from donation and selling products. You are free to conduct events thanks to events calendar plugin. This free charity WordPress theme also contains 3 slides and 4 kinds of boxes. Meanwhile, they can be set up easily and quickly.

You can conduct total control over your charity website. For instance, you are add content and edit it at will. This theme also gives you the right to adjust the color to your branding. More importantly, this site enables webmasters to showcase the trustee details and other information. To code with a large amount of information, the web developers built this theme with simple and advanced codes. Based on those codes, your charity websites will not only work with a lot of plugins but also have a good performance. Mind you, if you want more features to support your charity site, you can go to the premium version.


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