Best Flat Design WordPress Themes for Online Store 2018

Flat design WordPress themes have dominated the WordPress theme scene for quite some time now. But there are still so many people don’t know what is flat design. According to the professional explanation of flat design, we know that the Flat Design is a minimalist user interface design genre, or design language, commonly used in graphical user interfaces (such as web applications and mobile apps), especially in such graphical materials as posters, arts, guide documents, publishing products.

With this flat design, your website will be load fatser and resize easier than before. That is to say, to own the flat design WordPress themes is to own the premium and fast loading WordPress themes. As you can see, the flat design websites is such the popular WordPress themes. But is it easy to use? What are the differences between the flat design WordPress themes and the one page WordPress themes? How to install it? Don’t worry. You will find the right direction in the following blog:

Ember – A Red-hot One Page & Flat Design Website

If your budget has a little tight but wants to get a best flat design website, the best place to start is with this Ember. As you can see, the Ember is not only a red-hot flat design website, it also a free one page WordPress theme for creative agencies, small businesses, startups, and freelancers. Just like other best themes, the Ember is a fully responsive WordPress theme. No matter what devices you are use, the largest desktop or smallest mobile device, the Ember will look amazing and perfect.


What Is Parallax?

What is more, this flat design website is also a parallax WordPress theme for any established company. As we all know, a simple WordPress theme will be more premium if there are some parallactic plugins. But what is parallax? How does it make the effect to a WordPress website?

The answer is here: The parallax is a displacement or difference in the apparent position of an object viewed along two different lines of sight, and is measured by the angle or semi-angle of inclination between those two lines. As the eyes of humans and other animals are in different positions on the head, they present different views simultaneously. Moreover, the WP themes will display some premium & interesting special effects after applying the parallax. In fact, to make the Ember more advanced, the WordPress builders add the technology of full featured parallax support in it. That is to say, the parallax brings a best website to your life!

In addition, the Ember is one of the most popular WP themes in WordPress marketplace, too. Its member service is the main factor to make it popular. There are two kinds of services: Annual Membership and Lifetime Membership. Be a annual membership, you can get immediate access to ALL Nimbus themes, GPL-Compatible Use Licenses on Unlimited Domains, unlimited theme support from the experts, all theme updates to keep your site up-to-date, and more. Also you can access to all new themes as they are released. What an affordable service!

Were you shocked by them? If not, you must be really shocked by the next lifetime membership. You can get the same just like annual membership, but the only and valuable difference is the time. With the lifetime membership, you will enjoy these powerful features forever.

Parallax & Flat Design Theme Features Include:

  • Responsive Design
  • Parallax

Prototype – Modern Flat Design WordPress Theme

“A good website means a great set up!” This is the principle from the Prototype. In fact, it is an obvious reality, because no one wants to get a moribund website. By the way, that is enough to let you feel the Prototype’s sincerity. After checking this manufactured WordPress website, you will know that it’s a premium flat design WordPress theme which have many powerful features to allow you build websites easily and unlimited your creative to make impressed websites. With this modern flat design theme, you can build your business theme faster and valuable. You don’t have to make any efforts to speed-up your website, because the prototype will help you.


Prototype is a good website, but it also a lifeful WordPress website. Its lifeful are fully appeared to the flat design. As you can see, this WordPress theme was designed with passion flat design, and the WordPress page builder takes care of any details to make the website looks perfect in every part. However, there are many people concern that the Prototype can’t shown in their devices. You may be worry about this problem in other WordPress themes, but in the Prototype, you don’t have to consider that. Because this premium WordPress website suppots the retina ready. That is, the Prototype will be perfect shown in all of your retina devices such as Iphone, Ipad, Macbook pro retina, and more.

Speed – The Most Decisive Factor

Also, the fast loading is the most essential ingredient for a great website. The Prototype developer applys their hard-working to build the best WordPress theme, thus, the speed is also their ambition. To make the website very fast, the Prototype use its new framework and latest version of the unique page builder. Also, it will easy to update functions and seo friendly.

By the way, the Prototype is load independence with the post content, so it will display normal when you don’t use this theme again. Furthermore, there are a lot of advanced theme options. Such as the slidebar options, flat color schemes, 600 Google fonts for typography options, and 400+ awesomes fonts. With these rich options, you can build the best minimalist WordPress themes easily!

Full Features of Flat Design Web Template

  • Unique Flat Design
  • Retina Ready Display
  • Fully responsive design
  • New Framework
  • SEO Friendly
  • Speed Optimized
  • Mobile Optimized
  • Drag and drop unique page builder
  • Exclusive Page Builder
  • Simple for Development
  • Load Fast
  • Revolution Slider Widget ready for our page builder
  • Lightbox Plugins Intergated
  • Valid HTML5 / CSS3
  • Portfolio
  • Custom Page designed
  • Translate Ready .po/.mo files included
  • 3 Blog Template Page
  • Advance Theme Options
  • Easy to setup – Demo.xml file included, Slider import file included

CACTUS – Free & Responsive Flat Design WordPress Template

Cactus, as one of the best free and multipurpose flat design WordPress themes on Velathemes, is best suitable for the business, freelancer, corporate, photography, design agency, restaurant, showcase, magazine, portfolio, and more. With this free WP theme, creating the one page website template is a piece of cake. Also, it is useful if you want to create a multi-page WordPress website.

This is an easy-to-use WordPress theme, too. No matter what you are, even the novice on website design, you still can build an amazing website. You do not have to learn any knowledge of codes or design skills, because the theme has some built-in clean shortcodes. Besides, this theme is combined with the impressive dragging, the dropping page builder, and a powerful set of admin panel tools, which let you control the website’s layout easily.


Powerful Responsive Theme

In addition, if you simply judge this theme by its clean appearance, then you are wrong. This is a free responsive WordPress theme that has some prebuilt features. For instance, full width slider, promo, services, team, gallery, counter, testimonials, clients, recent posts, contacts, and so on. Also, the 600+ Google fonts, variable header options, and flexible layouts are available in Cactus. That is to say, you can build the best WordPress website by choosing from them.

In the current time, WordPress builders may prefer flat design because it allows interface designs to be more streamlined and efficient. The Cactus just uses the best web design element: the flat design. It’s combined with the flat design colors, flat design wallpaper, and the flat design icons, which make your WordPress website premium and clean.

Also, you can tell your story in the simplist way with the mighty scrolling effect and flexible parallax background. By the way, if a site can’t show the YouTube/Vimeo videos, then this site is not a qualified website. The Cactus really knows how important the video is, so it supports the YouTube/Vimeo videos background. And then, your website will be mre attractive and dynamic.

At last, this is a sincere WordPress theme. You can feel the sincere from its extensive supports. After purchasing this business theme, you can also enjoy the free updates all the time. What an amazing WordPress theme! Do you like it?

Key Features of Flat UI Design Template:

  • 1-Minute Setup
  • Live Customizer
  • Custom Prebuilt Sections
  • Variable Header Options
  • Video Background
  • Full Width Slider
  • Modern Design
  • Fully Responsive
  • One Page Parallax Scrolling
  • Flexible Layouts
  • 600+ Google Fonts
  • Translation Ready
  • SEO Friendly
  • WooCommerce Support
  • Guaranteed Update & Support

Dazzling – A Free Flat Design WordPress Theme Based on Bootstrap

If your budget has a little tight but wants to get a bootstrap flat design WordPress theme, the Dazzling theme has you covered. This is one of the free & flat design WordPress themes in the marketplace. That is to say, you can purchase this wonderful WordPress website without spending any money. Although this is a WordPress free theme, its quality will not let you down. At first glance, this WordPress website is a super fresh site. The sense of fresh will certainly make people refreshing.

Also, it’s a Beautiful WP theme that based on Bootstrap 3. With the advanced and mighty Bootstrap, your WordPress website will be completely responsive and mobile friendly. To customize the WordPress themes for business or creative easily, the theme features the optional full-screen featured slider. It also provide the flat design colors, flat design icons, flat design images, flat design logos, and a flat design wallpaper. With them, you can operate and build your amazing WordPress website easily and conveniently.


The Most Popular Design Trend – Mint Green

If you think that is all, then you are wrong. Dazzling is one of the most amazing WordPress themes on Colorlib, and there are more than 3,000 people downloaded this website. Perhaps you think this amount is small and not enough to talk about. But if you know about that WordPress website was landed in the current time, this amount is not a small amount. In addition, the design trends online change more often than the wind. The world is changing, thus the design won’t be stationary. But this WordPress website’s design broke up this regulation. Maybe some people will ask that what’s special about this simple flat design. Actually, the flat design is not the most special one. This theme’s flat design color is the key.

As you can see, the prominent use of mint green has become designers’ favorite highlight color in the recent time. The mint green is a magic color, because it’s in kind of the weird space between green and blue. I’d like to ask you a simple question: What’s your feeling as first saw the mint green? My opinion is refreshing and comfortable, and just like walking in the soft grass. That is, the mint green is a subconscious attempt to reconnect with nature. Happily, you do not have to go to the countryside to escape the chaos of the city; the magic of mint green will do the same easily.

At last, this particular mint green design trend started in 2012 and held strong throughout 2013. What’s your opinion about the mint green? Is it worth to become the most popular design trend? If you want to share your thought about that, please don’t hesitate to report in the below.

Bootstrap Flat Design Website Features:

  • Logo upload support
  • Customizable call-to-action section
  • Color customization for every aspect of the theme
  • Retina ready
  • Support for Font Awesome icons
  • Popular posts widget
  • Translation ready
  • Infinite Scroll (powered by Jetpack)
  • Multiple widget areas

Sparkling – Free Flat Design Ecommerce WordPress Theme

As you can see, I have made the specific introduction of one-page flat web deisgn template, modern flat design WordPress theme, and bootstrap flat design website in the above article, but there are not an exclusive introduction of flat design eCommerce WordPress themes. Thus, I will show you the best free flat design eCommerce theme here.

The most I’d like to recommende to you is the Sparkling. Maybe you have heard about this WordPress theme, of course, it’s one of the best WordPress themes that combine with free, modern, and flat design on colorlib. It is free, but not a bad theme, and even higher than some paid WordPress themes. To display the best WordPress in any device, such as smartphones, tablets, desktops and any other device, the Sparkling developers optimized the fronted framework.

The outcomes here were clearly, this WordPress website does appear in the WordPress marketplace with perfect pixel, and stands out among WordPress themes. As I mentioned in the beginning, Sparkling is a free flat design eCommerce WordPress theme. Thus, if you are serious to develop your small business and WooCommerce, this Sparkling will be your best choice. Moreover, this is also an ideal WordPress website for personal and corporate websites in health, fitness, education, finance, business, travel, web design, marketing or any other niche.


SEO Friendly Website

As the best WordPress theme, only the good website is not enough, SEO is also an important factor for it. An efficient SEO will make Google love your website. To enhance the website ranking on Google, this theme builds the Schema compatible structure that is SEO friendly. That is to say, your Sparkling theme will have a high ranking on Google, more and more people will come to your website, and your products will be sold. That sounds great, is it?

But beyond that, this Sparkling’s rich features also help it be the best WordPress theme. First of all, the razor sharp text, vibrant colors, stunning graphics, sharp images, premium feel, and beautiful vectorized icons will shown on the HiDPI (Retina) displays.

Also, the Sparkling is an easy-to-load WordPress theme, because this theme supports the infinite scroll. As we all know, the full screen is more premium than the half screen. To make this theme stand out in the crowd, the WordPress builder inserts a full screen featured slider into it. Of course, the theme has become the representation of premium theme.

At last, most of WooCommerce themes are premium, which make them expensive. But this WordPress theme is fully free, that means you don’t have to spend a cent, and you can enjoy a premium, best, free, and flat design eCommerce theme.

Best Flat Design WordPress Themes Key Features:

  • Responsive & Flat Design
  • Retina Ready
  • Theme Options
  • Featured Slider
  • Awesome Support
  • Infinite Scroll
  • Plugin Support
  • WooCommerce
  • Translation Ready
  • Font Awesome Icons
  • Unlimited Color Options
  • Theme Documentation


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