Fastest WordPress Themes for Business 2018

Having a fast WordPress theme is always one of the most important things for most of the webmasters. As we all know, a slow website will not be welcomed by visitors. The reason leads to the templates be slow are the complicated codes, too many features, no CDN or server response time, and more. Thus, the webmasters need to pay a ton of dollars on VPS fastest WordPress hosting packages that promise super-quick server response times. Also, they have to pay hundreds per year to a Content Delivery Network to create a super-quick cached-version of your website. Many people have the requirements for the fastest WordPress themes. Due to this large demand, we decided to handpick the top 5 fastest WordPress themes here. Wish that works for you:

Top 1: The Fastest WordPress Themes – BuSo Lightning

What is BuSo Lightning? It is one of the fastest WordPress themes in the templates marketplace. Having this fast WordPress theme, you can get the fastest SEO edge over your organic competitors. With this fastest website, you will get some powerful features. For instance, a great thread about page speed, the optimization, and the benefit. As we mentioned in the first paragraph, too many features will lead to a fast WordPress theme become the slow one. On the one hand, you don’t want to use the rich-plugin website. But on the other hand, most of the fastest WordPress themes are the rich-feature websites.

When you purchase a WordPress theme that has 1000 features built-in, the website will sloppy on the backend, slow on the frontend, and this is an absolute headache if you try to optimize or customize their features. But BuSo Lightning makes all the impossible into possible. Although it has many strong features, it stills a fast WordPress theme.

Upon checking its specific information on Google, we found that its performance score is 97. What a high grade for a tested WordPress theme! But why isn’t it 100? The reason for that is you can’t cache 3rd party fonts. By the way, its request is 11. That is, even after filling it up with images, it’s still coming in at ~50 fewer requests than other themes. At last, I think it’s necessary to introduce the BuSo Lightning’s page size for you, which is just 141.8kb. This size is very tiny for a WordPress website. In other words, the BuSo Lightning is faster than 99% of WordPress themes.


How Fast Is This BuSo Lightning?

In addition, BuSo Lightning is only for those who value. As a fast WordPress theme, Buso Lightning has the incredibly fast loading times. Maybe someone has a question: How fast is this WordPress theme? I can clearly tell you, the BuSo Lightning’s loading time is 283ms! That is to say, you can load a full-on website in less than 3/10ths of a second, and this isn’t a flat-file one-page lander, this is a database-backed dynamic WordPress hosting. This advantage ensures that the BuSo keep the huge fans crowd. Also, you can effortlessly customize your clean & minimal fastest WordPress themes with some mighty built-in plugins.

By the way, what’s the best thing for a website? Upon investigating a huge amount of webmasters’ thoughts, we found that the most important thing for the fastest WordPress themes is the conversion. How can we increase the conversion rate? I’m sure many of professional people know the answer. The most direct element for the conversion rate is the search engine rankings of a website.

Better search engine rankings, better conversions. BuSo just has a good search engine ranking. That is to say, you can enjoy some considerable benefits with this fastest theme. But is this WordPress website expensive? How much is this WordPress web? The answer will break your glasses. Because this rich-feature & fast WordPress theme is totally free! After purchasing this one of the fastest free responsive WordPress themes, you can enjoy all the powerful features and beautiful layouts.

Top 2: The Fastest WP Theme – Madura Mag

Madura Mag is the fastest website with responsive design. Using this fastest theme, your articles and blog posts will be shown in the best website design with speed. For speed up the WordPress templates, all webmasters make some efforts to compress their WordPress themes. But the theme that takes the speed to the extreme is Madura Mag. According to the Google Page Speed, this fast WordPress theme has scored the highest points. The Madura Mag’s developers compressed the images and js to get the top speed and optimum result. Also, they spent a ton of time for tweaking the code to improve the speed and performance of the theme.

Also, there is a powerful and mega menu. But if the mega menu will take some influences for the website loading time? The answer is no. Because this menu contains the Ajax plugin. Using the menu with Ajax plugin, you can display your content dynamically without affecting page load. It will significantly increase your page views and decrease your page loading time since it has been loaded via Ajax.


Show-sale Fastest Theme

With this HTML 5 and CSS 3 design WP theme, you can attract more users by Google authorship implementation. Many people think a good WordPress website must have a position to directly show their custom-made videos. Madura Mag just can do that. It leaves the exclusive position on the homepage, and you can display your YouTube and Vimeo Videos as thumbnails. Also, the efficient advertisement will bring more visitors to your website. In this fastest WP theme, you can create the ads in between Post and below post, Header banner, and footer banners.

After reading the complete features in the above article, you know that the Madura Mag is a premium & responsive WordPress theme. However, its price went down from 90$ to 39$! Just need 39$, then you can enjoy this fastest website with formidable features.

Fastest Website Key Features

  • HTML 5 and CSS 3 Design
  • Advanced SEO
  • Mega Menu – AJAX supported mega menu
  • Home Page Organizer – Drag and Drop support in Theme Panel
  • Mobile Side Menu – 3d Animation Mobile Menu for your Mobiles
  • Sliders – Custom Sliders, Category Page Sliders, Big Sliders, Gallery Slider
  • Video Thumbs – In homepage YouTube and Vimeo Videos will be displayed as thumbnails (Video formats)
  • Post Formats – Produce unique layout and large display
  • Google Web fonts – 500+ Google Web Fonts support
  • Full-Screen background
  • Skins & Colors
  • Built-in Review System
  • Sticky Navigation Menu – Sticky Navigation will display Mega Menu, Social followers, and search box
  • Unlimted Sidebars
  • Full width, Left Sidebar, Right Sidebar options
  • Custom Sidebars
  • Optional Category Sliders
  • Shortcodes – Shortcode support via Pro Plugin
  • Advertisements
  • Custom Widgets

Fastest Loading Website General Features

  • Free, as in Beer
  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Options Panel
  • Custom Widgets
  • Cross Browser Compatible
  • The Best Team with You
  • Multiple Languages

Top 3: Fastest WooCommerce Theme – Schema

The schema is a fastest SEO WordPress theme for WooCommerce. Just like most of the fastest WordPress themes, Schema has the basic features. For example, backgrounds, useful shortcodes, ready-to-use icon fonts, and Google fonts. Almost 1000 people purchase it, and the majority of customers called that one of the fastest WordPress Woocommerce themes. One of the reasons for its popularity is the fastest loading speed. Handwritten with quality code, and keeping best SEO practices in mind, it has a built-in review system and comes pre-configured with rich snippet support.

To show the fastest WordPress hosting, the Schema builder audited every single line of the code so that the Schema theme is the fastest WordPress theme to have went out our doors. About the codes, all of them are secure and lightweight, which keep your site performing securely and optimally. Schema solves all problem of the code so that you can enjoy a fastest-speed WordPress theme in mythemeshop.


Fastest SEO WordPress Theme

In addition, Schema is not only the fastest WordPress theme; it’s also a most SEO friendly WordPress theme. If you are serious about blogging and running a website, you probably know how important. Albeit hard, it is to rank on Google. Not all websites are created equal and some rank better than others. Schema theme helps blow your competitors out of the water by having an ultra SEO friendly website that’s elegant yet simple, advanced yet user-friendly and loads so fast. Your users and Google will love you for it.

By the way, if you want to increase the interaction with users, the best way is add the review section. Schema’s built-in review system can help you do it easily. After adding the review to your content, your users can review your posts in the comments. That section makes the whole theme more interesting.

The Fastest WordPress Theme Key Features

  • Secure, Lightweight Code
  • Easily Accessible Content
  • Fast Site Load Times
  • SEO Friendly Design and Code
  • Google Algorithm Friendliness
  • Clearly Identifiable Content and Media
  • Pages That Keep Users Reading
  • Builds Trust and Security in Google’s Eyes
  • Built-in Reviews
  • Social Media Voting Functionality
  • Rich Snippets
  • Shortcodes
  • All Google Fonts
  • 2 Header Designs
  • 2 Homepage Thumbnail layouts
  • Responsiveness
  • HTML5 and CSS3 Markup
  • Demo Data Included
  • Easy Import
  • Ad Management
  • Translation Ready
  • Options Panel
  • Custom CSS Section

Top 4: The Responsive & Fastest Website – PageSpeed

PageSpeed, the responsive & fastest website, is crafted to developer’s highest standards. It’s also a theme to improve your website user experience (UX), rankings & revenue. Like most of the fastest WordPress themes, PageSpeed is also a completely customizable WordPress theme. That is, you can make your site design unique and truly personal with a wide range of customization options without writing a single line of code. Also, its most highlighted feature is the fastest loading speed.

But how can we prove that the PageSpeed’s loading speed is fastest? You can analyze it from three data: the Performance Grade on Pingdom, the page speed on GoogleSpeedPage, the load time in Gtmetric. As you can see in this three sites, PageSpeed’s performance score is A, less than a second load time and 100/100 in performance grade; its page speed is 95 for both mobiles and desktops, and the demo score is 100. Its grade on Gtmetric is A. Upon combination with these three scores, we can get a clear truth: PageSpeed is the fastest website. With the raw speed and code optimized for search engines, Google will be mighty pleased. You can be sure of improved rankings.


The Fastest Theme can Improve Ranking

Moreover, the PageSpeed supports Page Builders out of the box. With the rise of page builders like Elemntor and Beaver, building the business theme has never been easy. Also, one of the most important things for a website is the bounce rate. The lower bounce rate means that your WordPress templates are more and more welcomed by visitors.

Thus, decreasing the bounce rate has been the hottest topic in WordPress all the time. One of the most efficient solutions for that problem is to improve the users’ experience. If your website can’t compatible with users’ browsers or mobiles, they will drop out your website, and then, your website’s ranking on Google will be come down. Get PageSpeed will perfect compatible with any mobile devices and browser, and giving your readers a superior user experience and an app like feeling on mobile devices. The users’ stay-time will be lengthened. That is, your Google website’s ranking will be higher than before.

Furthermore, it was trusted by over 100, 000 WordPress users. What a fast WordPress theme! With this fastest website, everything will be simple. Hurry up to get it.

Fastest Loading Website Key Features

  • 100/100 PageSpeed Score
  • Speed, Speed, and SPEED
  • Rank higher than the competition
  • Rock Solid Code & Security
  • Made For PageBuilbers
  • Smart color schemes
  • Easily Customisable
  • Advanced Responsive Design
  • Video Tutorials

Top 5: Fastest SEO WordPress Theme – Foundly

In the modern time, the profit has been pursuit by all people. In the same way, it’s also the WordPress developer’s eternal ambition all the time. How can you realize the revenue from the fastest WordPress themes? The first thing you need to do is raises your website’s ranking in Google search. However, make your website’s ranking in a top position is not an easy thing. You have to run a series of efficient ads and optimize the SEO project.

What is more, Foundly is the best WordPress SEO theme. It’s also a WordPress website for those who want to gain a competitive edge, increase rankings and maximize ad revenue. With the Foundly, you do not have to spend the huge number of energy on SEO, because the Foundly has been audited by leading SEO experts in the industry. Before publishing the article, you can preview how your posts will look in search engines like Google. It will prevent the errors in your WordPress blog themes.

As you know, a website without any mistake will also gain a considerable score in Google. However, there are lots of people don’t know how to efficiently run the ads. With this WordPress website, you don’t have to worry about the ads. Because the Foundly includes several clicks of the button ads spaces to have you earning in record time, and plus tons more awesome features. Also, it’s easy and simple to set up, and delivers quite perfect users’ satisfaction as your followers experience fast page loading speed.


Safe & Fastest WordPress Hosting

Besides, Foundly is also a fast WordPress theme. To make the WordPress website faster, Foundly’s WordPress developer codes the Foundly on the dry principle, meaning there is no unnecessary coding to slow down your website. Also, they built this theme base on most perfect website speed test. That is to say, you have no worries about the site speed. Even more noteworthy is, Foundly has the Talk Mag child theme. The Talk Mag child theme is also one of the fastest WordPress magazine themes out there. If you want to get a good magazine time, Foundly is also your best option.

In addition, some people hear about that many of fastest WordPress themes are attack by harmful viruses or malware. You may have some anxieties. Nevertheless, Foundly’s users even don’t have to think about this problem. In April 2015, Google rolled out their mobile-friendly signal that left many WordPress builders in a panic. But the Foundly theme has been tested and marked as safe, and it is perfectly coded to enhance the website security. Also, it optimized text and image sizes to make your website adhered to the new Google update and give readers a great experience. That means the Foundly is completely safe.

Fastest SEO Results in Key Features

  • Multiply blog layouts
  • Social module
  • SEO friendly
  • Fast loading

Top 6: Fastest Free WordPress Theme – Sanse

Sanse is a simple and free WordPress website that fully suitable for bloggers. Although it is a free WordPress theme, its design and feature can also completely expresses bloggers’ ideas. Furthermore, the content has been optimized by theme builders, that is, the content will shine brighter than ever before. Compared with other free WordPress Themes, Sanse is the most exemplary among them, even better than some paid WordPress themes. As a free website, it did its best to provide you the most worthy theme.


5 Aspects to Speed Sanse

After using it, you will find that it is also a fast loading WordPress theme, which has a really high score in Google Page Speed Test. It got 97 out of 100. What does it mean? Although it is not a full score, it still can hold the silver medal in the WordPress marketplace. In the other word, Sanse loading speed is really faster than most free and clean WordPress themes.

But how to make this WordPress website load fast? The webmaster: WP-palvelu optimized it from 5 aspects. At first, Sanse replaces the Google fonts with the native system fonts just like WordPress admin from version 4.6. That is, there are no Google fonts or other related fonts to slow Sanse loading speed. Second, the webmaster uses the SVG icons instead of font icons. Also, the SVG icons have been used in the footer.

That means you do not have to load extra CSS files for icon fonts, and the loading speed will faster than before. And then, in the default situation, there is no featured image, header, and background, which ensures the fast loading speed. The fourth aspect is its clean plugin. In the Sanse, no extra plugins are including on it, and it can prevent your site from slowing the website. At last, the host is one of the most important factors for the site speed. To make the Sanse demo running normal and fast, the webmasters put it on Seravo hosting. As you can see, the result here is very clear: the whole website plays the fastest loading speed for you.

Fastest WordPress Themes Key Features

  • Support for WordPress features as a logo, header, and background image
  • Front Page template where you have widget area and latest blog posts
  • In the footer, there are 3 column widget areas
  • One basic menu in the header and SVG social links menu in the footer
  • Download package also includes blank child theme. Remember to do modifications via a child theme
  • Code in Github

Top 7: Fastest WordPress Themes – BlogR

Just like its name, BlogR is a super fast WordPress theme for all blog sites. Integrating with the powerful WordPress customizer, the BlogR can be easily built and customized by customizing some elements. With this blog WordPress theme, you do not have to worry about the lack of code knowledge. Because all the codes have been optimized to the simplest codes, you do not have to touch one line of codes.


As I mentioned in the above article, BlogR is a fast loading WordPress theme in themes4wp, even hold the critical role in the fastest WordPress marketplace. The WordPress builders are optimized BlogR’s speed well. After using this blog theme, you must be shocked by the fluently and fast speed!

BlogR is a fashion WordPress theme with the fully responsive design, too. That means that you can change the responsive design to compatible with all browsers and mobile devices. Your visitors can read and follow with the navigation without any hassle.

If you are a magazine lover that wants to build the best magazine theme, in fact, BlogR will satisfy all your needs, too. Here are this fastest theme’s key features and method of migrating theme options to PRO version, you can check out them in the following article. By the way, before starting the migrating and run this import/export feature, please backup your database first.

Fastest Theme Key Features

  • Responsive Layout
  • SEO Optimized
  • Translation Ready
  • Integration
  • Featured Section
  • Widget Locations: 5
  • Theme Options
  • Homepage Styles: 2
  • Left / Right Sidebar
  • Custom Background
  • Unlimited Colors
  • Ad Optimized: Basic
  • Lazy Load Images
  • Floating Sidebar
  • JPEG Image Compression
  • Content Slider
  • Google Fonts
  • WooCommerce Support
  • Review (Rating) Support
  • Custom CSS
  • Custom Footer Credits
  • Updates & Support: 12 months

How to Migrate Theme Options to PRO Version?

  • Install and activate THIS plugin
  • Browse to Appearance -> Import/Export
  • Click the “Highlight Settings” button and copy the highlighted code
  • Switch to your PRO theme or child theme or go to the same panel on your other site/theme and paste in the copied code into the “Import Settings” box then click the “Import Settings” button to import them


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