Best Free Landing Page WordPress Themes for Business/Portfolio/Corporate

Thousands free and premium WordPress themes are available on the Internet. However, some of them low quality or some lack of beautiful design. It is very time-consuming and money-wasting to find a right themes for WordPress. So to save your time and money, we carefully handpicked some free and premium WordPress themes with high quality […]

10 Best Awesome WordPress Gallery Themes for Portfolios/Arts/Photos

I believe you are capable to bring joy to people by providing pleasant paintings or in some other forms. And if you are into sharing beautiful things with others, you may need a platform to broadcast your works. Since we live in an internet era, internet is the most efficient way to connect with the world. To […]

10+Best Responsive WordPress Travel Themes for Tourism-Related Websites, Blogs or Portfolios 2018

Traveling always associates with beautiful landscapes, funny persons, exotic foods and more good things. But do your traveling sites help to remind people of those good things? Well, it’s time to think of this question that what impressions do your sites leave to clients. If you say good without any hesitation, your traveling business must […]

Free Restaurant WordPress Themes for All Restaurant Owners

Along with the continuous progress of the times, the popular of online restaurants is gradually showing the world its convenience. But people will not directly enter the restaurant if they do not recognize this restaurant. Most of the food lovers want to know more about the restaurant before enter the restaurant. What information they like […]

Top Restaurant WordPress Themes to Create a Premium Restaurant Template 2018

With the intense competition in restaurant and food business, it has been more difficult to occupy a position for restauranteurs. However, having the effective marketing strategies is important to develop your restaurant business. And one of the best ways to efficiently drive your restaurant business is creating an attractive WordPress restaurant theme. If there are […]

Top 10 Free Parallax WordPress Themes with Scrolling Effect

In last article, we have handpicked top 10 premium Parallax WordPress Themes on the market. However, we got many emails some WordPress users sent us. They asked us to collect a list of best free Parallax WordPress themes. Because there are not many free themes with parallax scrolling effect and high quality. Let’s learn more […]

10 Best Responsive Free WordPress Real Estate themes for Realtors/Blogs/Agencies

Competition in this world is becoming more and more intensive. Every industry undergoes enormous growth year over year, or exaggeratively, minute over minute. It is not hard to infer that we live in a rapidly changing world. That is to say earning money is getting more and more difficult if you do not equip yourself […]

10+ Best Free Minimalist WordPress Themes 2018 for Blog, Writers, Portfolio, Business, Authors

Best free minimalist WordPress themes are handpicked for blogging, portfolio and business websites. These WordPress themes are available with simple, clean and fashion design for minimalism lovers. And they not only have a good and pleasing design, but also comes with a minimum set of features. Why we need a minimalist WordPress Themes? As we […]

10 Best Free WordPress Photography Themes Responsive/Creative for Photographers

With the development of digital cameras, to remember what you think precious or funny by photos becomes a trend. Whether you are a professional photographer or just an amateur, you may want to share your photos with others. For example, once you have taken a picture of a luxurious dinner you post the pictures on […]

10+ Best Free Responsive, Modern and Flexible WordPress Magazine Themes for online Magazines, News or Blogs

The time you read print magazines or journalism seems quite a long time ago. Some of you may already have forgot those print magazines, if I don’t mention them. However, with the development of technology, it’s more common that people look through those gossips or news on their digital devices like mobile phones, tablet PCs […]